Death to # eduawesome!

eduawesome the death of
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“It is hard enough to remember my opinions, without also remembering my reasons for them!” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Well, it has finally happened. I’ve become a bit of a curmudgeon.  I feel a bit like V for Vendetta when I realize that what I wish I could change, I cannot without going against a widely popular societal system. Today, I speak of all the useless #edu hashtags that are out there.  Every time I embark on a twitter journey I am bombarded with #eduawesome, #edudream, #eduwin, #edufortunecookie, #edunonsense… you get the picture. I was left trying to decide what it was about these hashtags that bothered me so much. It wasn’t until tonight that I figured it out.

We are teachers! Shouldn’t we be more #educreative in the way we talk about ourselves and our profession?  What is wrong with something simply being #awesome as opposed to #eduawesome? I know that adding #edu before a word brings people that are interested in education together and helps us to find like-minded topics. Maybe its that #edu conjurs up the .edu domain naming convention and I think of only universities. Or that #edu before words just sound #eduweird to me. How did #edu win out over simply using #ed? After all in the world of 140 characters one less is like a gold nugget!

I know this is just a pet peeve, so please, don’t take this personally #edufam. We are all allowed those ridiculous pet peeves that even we barely understand. My question for each of you is: can you help suggest alternative hashtags that steer clear of the #edu prefix?  That would truly be #eduamazing!  Until then, I’m still quite upset that a search on Google for “death to eduawesome” only turns up eduawesome results.  Google, thou hast forsaken me!  I bite my thumb at you!

So, help me find an #edusolution people. Post some of your favorite non-edu hashtags by clicking on the comment bubble at the beginning of this post or by clicking here to leave your comment.

Let us show the world that #educators can be much more than #eduuncreative!

P.S. my #edufam and Sam in particular are probably shaking their heads right now.  yes… I did just #edupost this 😉

P.P.S. a new google search for Death to Eduawesome now turns up this blog post and this blog! The tide is shifting. Google I take back my thumb biting.


3 thoughts on “Death to # eduawesome!

  1. I’m just edusurprised you waited this long to post it, actually. I know you educringe whenever I use #edufam, but I struggle to think of a mostly descriptive hashtag to use instead of taking up 90 characters in Twitter handles. (Doug’s and Mel R.’s are the longest; I notice these things.) #Edfam is an eating disorder chat we’ve discovered. I’m all ears if you have a better suggestion.

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